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If re-elected to the Santa Rosa County School Board, I will pursue the following:

  • Continue to serve all citizens of our great county in a manner that protects our greatest resource, our students, teachers and staff.
  • Continue to be conservative and fiscally responsible regarding taxpayer dollars.
  • Continue to develop a fiscally responsible, but manageable, class schedule that will allow our teachers the opportunity for an important planning period throughout the school day.Reduce unnecessary distractions that interfere with instructional time and focus.
  • Continue to implore the State Legislature and the Department of Education to increase teacher salaries and reduce mandates that require so much of a teacher’s attention and focus.“Teachers must have the time to teach”.
  • Continue to enhance funding that supports improved school infrastructure and comprehensive mental health services that will function to provide a safe and supportive environment where students can grow and learn.
  • Continue to address {strategic plan} the challenges current and future growth present by constructing educational facilities in high growth areas.
  • Continue to develop a comprehensive teacher recruitment and retention plan that allows the district to employ and retain the highest quality instructional personnel.
  • Continue to work diligently to best prepare our students in the pursuit of their academic and/or career goals. All stakeholders must cooperate/collaborate in maintaining the legacy of academic excellence that currently exists in our School District.

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